Adidas XT 1.0 Combo Thigh Guards
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Adidas XT 1.0 Combo Thigh Guards

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The adidas XT 1.0 combo thigh guard is made from special high density foam designed to give optimum protection to the inner and outer thigh. It’s unique shape disperses impact providing unrivalled protection. The towel backing provides a soft and dry inner waist.

  • All in one lower body protection system
  • Made with light weight imported Korean PU
  • Detachable inner thigh guard
  • Towel lining inside for perfect feel
  • Soft sweat band for perfect fit
  • Fiber on top for maximum protection
  • Special lightweight high density foam protection.
  • Elasticated towel straps for extra comfort.
  • Shaped to fit.
  • Length 36 cm x Width 30 cm ( ADULT)
  • Length 35 cm x Width 29 cm ( YOUTH)

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