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MC MAJESTY CRICKET BAT is the modern day players profile, offering a forgiving hitting zone with a duckbill shaped toe to balance the bat nicely in your hands. Currently most of the professional players are using this profile.



Our DUKE grade blades are made from the finest Grade 1 English willow available and come from the top 10% of genuine English willow.

A DUKE blade will have 6 or more principally straight grains and have minimum blemishes. It may also contain colour on one side.


Our MARQUESS grade blades are made from high quality Grade 1 English willow, which comes from the top 10% to 20% of genuine English willow.

A MARQUESS will have 6 or more grains, but these may not be perfectly straight. The blade may also contain some blemishes, but these won’t affect the performance of the bat.


Our EARL grade is  a middle grade that is produced in much higher numbers than the top grades and it offers very good value for money. EARL bat has up to half colour across the blade which has no direct relation to the playing ability of the wood, it just has less visual attraction. There will be a minimum of 5 grains on the face of the blade which may not always be perfectly straight. Some small knots or butterfly stain may be present with sometimes more prominent.


Our VISCOUNT Blade is normally over half colour or contains butterfly stain. It will still play as well as the other grades. Any number of grains are possible with often only 4 grains, the willow containing ‘butterfly’ stain, there could also be more willow imperfections which does not affect the performance. 

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