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  • Only available time slots are shown in the booking calendar
  • Booking can be made max 21 days in advance
  • Special rates are offered for long term booking (Call for details)
  • Session must be wrapped up 5 minutes before it ends.

  • only 5 players per net
  • no spectators 
  • Please arrive on time, but not more than 5 minutes early. 
  • If you arrive early wait in your car but not outside the MC door in the balcony or inside the stair case.
  • All clients attending MC nets must read and adhere to the COVID Protocols.
  • Booking for the nets are nonrefundable but can be transferred to a friend. 



A. Batters MUST wear helmets when playing with hard ball.
B. Only MC personnel are permitted to adjust Bowling machines.

C. A waiver must be signed before use of any of the equipment by any user who is 18 years of age or older (Parent/guardian must sign for any minors).

D. Adults are responsible for the actions of the youth in the training area. Misconduct will result in immediate termination of privileges. Horseplay/fooling around will not be tolerated.

E. No food or drink allowed inside the court. (No chewing gums)

F. All equipment must be picked up and returned to their proper place after use.

G. Participants must wear appropriate shoes. (No Cleats OR Spikes, only clean runners or rubber gripper)

H. No person under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol is permitted to use the nets.

I. Alert the attendant immediately if balls are throwing out of lanes.

J. Balls may be pitched at any time. BE ALERT at all times.

K. No one under the age of 10 years old is permitted to use the Bowling machines.

L. Anyone under the age of 16 must have adult supervision on site. Helmets, bats and other protective gears must be provided by the user.

M. The only people swinging a bat are those inside the individual Lanes.
N. Do not throw balls back at bowling machines.
O. This is a family atmosphere, no profanity or vulgar language/gestures will be permitted.

P. CAUTION! Injuries could result from the use of these devices. Users should assume the inherent risks of Cricket, baseballs and softballs. If users have any questions about the use of these devices or the inherent risks associated with the use of these devices, ask the attendant before using the batting.



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